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    I not sad. This guy has gone for a concert on the other side. This side is gnteitg crowded sef.He is off to see Micheal Jackson rocking the other world and the Pope doing his thung and the rest of the entertainment crew.All together now……Sam Loco, RESPECT!!!’tion Sir!!This reminds me of high school days when we went to bury our Maths Teacher who made it easy to love Maths. Everyone was so sad in the bus and one of the most hilarious girls in the class started ‘mimicking him’ and we all attacked her and ended up laughing out real hard. That was some sort of ‘healing’ /consoling some of us needed, cos that was the first burial ever attended in my life.He was so loved which is why our parents ‘allowed’ us to go on a school day.No comparison though, just my way of dealing….Only 66……Rest in Peace Sir:(

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