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    It’s mad isn’t it, you’ve just got nowhere to start with a nagotietion like that! Personally I don’t buy anything in Kusadasi, I go to Aydin or Izmir or even Selcuk, that 12km from Kusadasi to Selcuk brings you back into the real world. Other than the odd plate of fish and chips, a steak at BeBop a few times a year and a Pide now and then I can’t remember when I last ate in Kusadasi either, I think it must be three or four years since I had a meal at a tourist place in Centrum, mainly because the food is bad and I don’t care what it costs if it’s bad I’m not buying it. A quick look at the menu is normally enough to tell you if you want to eat there or not, if it has Indian/Chinese/Mexican dishes on the menu and more than two pages of options its never going to end well.Just remembered Mezgit they have always been good because they don’t try to be something for everyone, they are what they are, but again, fish, very very pricey here, way more than one would expect.Karyn

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