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    If you are scared of the moedrn day Christian, I must take it you are scared of moedrn day life. Infact you sound like a rather “pious” and “holy” man who would be more comfortable for 21st century Christians to dress, speak, think and act like Christians from the 1950s or maybe even the middle ages. But, ah, you referred to the band of first century roving fishermen who followed their Leader. So perhaps you think all Christians should be fishermen too, and for good measure, you may want to crucify all Pastors.Your cynicism and the insulting essence of your article may actually be considered legendary by some, but 2000 years (oops, 2000 days. No, 2000 minutes! heck, even now!!!) from today, I’m curious about its relevance.Its a beautiful world we live in where 7 billion people can have 7 billion ideas about a single thing, and it will be even more beautiful when intelligent sounding people like you (I really do think you sound intelligent, I’m not kidding), do not respond to things they do not accept with snotty cynicism that really isn’t based on logical or factual premises. But what is actually exciting to me, is the thought that down through the ages, people like you eventually come to understand the depth and beauty of God’s love for you, and fall deeply in love with Him. I see that happening for you very soon

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